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Welcome to the Tara at Plantation Pointe website.  The Tara Council of Co-Owners and the Tara Community Association are pleased to offer this website to provide a wealth of on-line resources and opportunities to share information, get news and announcements, access association documents, contact our management company and much more.  All homeowners and residents of Tara are welcome to register and get full access to the site and make the most of this resource.  Please feel free to CONTACT US with your comments and suggestions.

Neighborhood News
Real Estate Signs
Posted on Apr 29th, 2016 Comments (0)
Tara has rules and regulations where ”For Sale” signs may be placed. Quite simply,” a real estate sign may be displayed in the window of the unit for sale.  In the alternative, the sign may be placed in a mulch bed closest to the unit for sale.”
If a real estate sign is placed in some other area, that placement constitutes a violation. As a result, the property manager has been instructed to take that sign and to notify the owner of the taking. The sign will be returned to the homeowner or to his or her realtor as provided for in the notice.  A second violation will result in a fine to the homeowner.
The Co-Owners Council believes that one reason why someone should buy a home in Tara is that the community is well maintained, and that its rules and regulations are enforced to ensure consistent appearance and fairness to other homeowners. Placing a for sale sign in an unauthorized place is contrary to this belief.
Homeowner Trash Containers
Posted on Feb 24th, 2016 Comments (2)
The Community Documents (Section 11.15) require that " trash containers be kept at all times in each Unit Owner's garage, except on the days on which trash, garbage, or other rubbish is colleced by the local waste removal authorities.  Any trash containers placed outside by the Unit Owners to be collected by the local waste removal authorities shall only remain outside for a period not to exceed twnety-four (24) hours".   Therefore, if a homeowner places the container outside on Sunday evening it must be back in the garage by Monday evening.  If a container is placed outside on Monday  morning it must be back in the garage by Tuesday morning.  A drive through the community this morning (Wednesday) identified at least 10 containers still outside in the driveway or on the side of the building, two days (48 hours) after garbage pickup.  Effective immediately the HOA board has authorized Towne Properties to consider any trash container left outside more than 24 hours after garbage pickup to be considered abandoned.
New Property Manager
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2016 Comments (1)
The board just received notification from Towne Properties that Sheila Pangallo resigned her position with Towne.  Sheila was named Property Manager for both Tara HOA's in August 2015. Sheila's replacement as the Association Property Manager for the Council of Co-Owners is Sarah Algie.  Following is Sarah's introduction email to the board:
"I would like to introduce myself.  I am Sarah Algie your new Association Manager.  I am replacing Sheila Pangallo as Association Manager for the Tara Council of Co-Owners. I have been with Towne for a couple of years now and I had a previous position with the Landen Farms CSA community located in Mason/Montgomery.  My background is in architecture, landscape architecture and community planning."
Sarah Algie
Association Manager, East Cincinnati District Office
513.605.7712 (p)
Towne Properties
11340 Montgomery Rd., Suite 202
Cincinnati, OH 45249
We would like to welcome Sarah to the community and look forward to working with her.  
There will be a different association manager for the Tara Community Association.  Homeowners should continue to call Towne Properties for all community issues.  Your call will be directed to the appropriate manager.
2016 Budget and HOA Fees
Posted on Nov 17th, 2015 Comments (2)
The 2016 budgets for both the Community Association and the Council of Co-Owners (condos) were recently approved and the HOA fees established for 2016.  Towne Properties is currently loading the fees in their system and will likely mail coupons to homeowners in early to mid-December.  The quarterly HOA fee for the Community Association will remain at $90 per quarter/$360 per year.   Homeowners will see an 8% increase to their base monthly HOA fee for the Council of Co-Owners. This equates to an increase of $12-$15 per month per unit depending on the model of home.   The board recognizes this is a significant increase for 2016 but is necessitated by substantial increases in community insurance costs and water/sanitation.    The insurance increase was addressed in the last newsletter.  In 2013 our insurance policy was $140,000 and was budgeted for $150.000 in 2015. Unexpectedly the policy increased to $200,000 on March 1, 2015 when we received a non-renewal notice and had to go to the secondary market to obtain a new policy.  We are anticipating another 5% increase effective March 1, 2016. 
Changes to Garbage Corrals
Posted on May 18th, 2015 Comments (0)
Over the past month there have been several changes to both garbage corrals in an effort to stem illegal and improper dumping of garbage.  Over the past several years the HOA board has tried a number of fixes in an attempt to stop residents (and non-residents) from leaving trash and large items such as furniture, grills, etc on the ground outside the dumpsters.  This has been an expensive problem for the association because Rumke will not pick up any trash that is not placed inside the dumpsters and the association has to pay maintenance personnel from Towne Properties to come out and clean up the mess and place everything in the dumpsters.  Even the $250 fine, which is strictly enforced, did not deter some residents.  Unfortunately the violaters found out the hard way that once the fine is imposed it is not waived under any circumstance.
The following changes have been made at both garbage corrals in a further effort to solve the problem:
Decks and Patios
Posted on May 25th, 2012 Comments (0)
The Property Manager along with board members and several vendors conduct a monthly walk of the community in order to identify areas requiring attention.  Over the past several months we have noticed an increasing use of decks and patios being used to store miiscellaneous items such as bicycles, toys, motorcycles, etc.  Community documents stipulate that "decks and patios may only be used only for their intended purposes" and "there will be no storage or parking of any items, including baby carriages, playpens, bycycles, wagons, toys, vehicles, etc".  
Patio Shades/Blinds
Posted on Apr 26th, 2012 Comments (0)
At the April Council of Co-Owners meeting the board approved the installation of patio shades/blinds in the Tara community as recommended by the Architectural Committee.  The exterior shades will allow homeowners with a patio or deck to block the intense summer sun and allow homeowners to better utilize their deck or patio.   As with the "Screened Porch" policy the installation of the patio shades/blinds requires the homeowner to submit an "Improvement Application" to Towne Properties and have the application approved by the board of directors prior to installation. 

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