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Welcome to the Tara at Plantation Pointe website.  The Tara Council of Co-Owners and the Tara Community Association are pleased to offer this website to provide a wealth of on-line resources and opportunities to share information, get news and announcements, access association documents, contact our management company and much more.  All homeowners and residents of Tara are welcome to register and get full access to the site and make the most of this resource.  Please feel free to CONTACT US with your comments and suggestions.

Neighborhood News
Dumpster Issues
Posted on May 22nd, 2014 Comments (0)
Over the past several weeks there has been an increasing number of problems (i.e., illegal dumping) in the dumpster corrals, particularly at the Scarlet Way location.  Unfortunately there have been three violation letters issued to homeowners along with a $250 fine as posted on the corral doors.   The board is committed to enforcing this policy and  will not waive the fines after the fact.  It seems that it takes one or two people to leave their trash on the ground and then everyone else assumes the dumpsters are full so they follow suit and leave their trash outside the dumpters.   Regardless of whether the dumpsters are full or not, leaving trash on the ground is never permitted.   As the signs indicate you must use the other dumpster site if the dumpsters are full.  In most cases the dumpsters are not full but people assume they are because of the trash on the ground.  In the case of the three violations over the past two weeks the dumpsters appeared to be full but in reality they were not.  The violators did not check the right side of the right dumpster.  Another contributing factor is that people are leaving large items (furniture, grills, etc) on the ground outside the dumpster.  Rumpke will not pick up anything left outside the dumpster and it costs the assocation to have someone come out and remove the items.   Leaving anything outside the dumpster, large or small, is a violation and subject to a fine if caught.  We also suspect that many of the large items are being left by people outside the community.  This is illegal and subject to a tresspassing citation by the Florence Police Department.  If you see anyone leaving items in the corral outside the dumpster we ask that you copy down a license plate number and call the Florence Police Department (non-emergency number: (859)647-5420).  They have assured us they will respond and issue a trespassing citation to the individuals involved.
Pools Open This Weekend
Posted on May 22nd, 2014 Comments (0)
Both Tara pools open this weekend on Saturday May 24th and will remain open through Labor Day in September.   For the enjoyment and safety of all residents please abide by the pool rules which are posted here.    Guests are welcome but must be accompanied by a Tara resident/homeowner at all times.  Pool guests are limited to four per household.  No glass is permitted in the pool area at any time -NO EXCEPTIONS!  Violations could result in the pool being shut down for several days while the pool is drained and inspected for glass.  Access to the pools will be controlled again this year by the new keyfob system.  The Tara pools are designated for Tara residents/homeowners in good standing and their accompanied guests. If someone is trying to enter the pool area and their keyfob is not working, please do not let them in.  Even if they ask to to let them enter, please refrain.  Their keyfob is not working for a reason.  If they come in while a working keyfob resident is entering and you know who they are or where they live please report the incident to Towne Properties immediately.  And if you're comfortable speaking up, you may try asking  them to leave. Our policies will only work if everyone takes ownership in them.   Finally, if you use an umbrella table please lower the umbrella when you leave the pool area.  Every year a number of umbrellas are damaged because they are left open when a storm rolls through the area.  Have a safe and enjoyable summer and thank you for your assistance and  cooperation.
The Tara Community Association Board
New Email Address?
Posted on Jun 20th, 2013 Comments (0)
If you get a new email address don't forget to update your profile on the website.  When we send out an email to all registered members (currently 386) we routinely get approximately 40 emails returned because of invalid email addresses.  Registered members are responsible for keeping their profile current.  Providing Towne Properties with your new email address does not update your profile on the Tara website nor will a reply to a Tara message.  Replies to Tara messages go to an inbox for the Tara Web Administrator and the inbox is not routinely monitored.  If there are issues, concerns or questions regarding a Tara email they should be directed to Becky Race, the Tara Property Manager.  You can contact Becky at Beckyrace@towneproperties.com or by using the CONTACT US tab on the homepage.  From the pull down menu select "Property Manager".
Decks and Patios
Posted on May 25th, 2012 Comments (0)
The Property Manager along with board members and several vendors conduct a monthly walk of the community in order to identify areas requiring attention.  Over the past several months we have noticed an increasing use of decks and patios being used to store miiscellaneous items such as bicycles, toys, motorcycles, etc.  Community documents stipulate that "decks and patios may only be used only for their intended purposes" and "there will be no storage or parking of any items, including baby carriages, playpens, bycycles, wagons, toys, vehicles, etc".  
Patio Shades/Blinds
Posted on Apr 26th, 2012 Comments (0)
At the April Council of Co-Owners meeting the board approved the installation of patio shades/blinds in the Tara community as recommended by the Architectural Committee.  The exterior shades will allow homeowners with a patio or deck to block the intense summer sun and allow homeowners to better utilize their deck or patio.   As with the "Screened Porch" policy the installation of the patio shades/blinds requires the homeowner to submit an "Improvement Application" to Towne Properties and have the application approved by the board of directors prior to installation. 

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Tara Pools Open
Saturday, May 24th to Monday, September 1st, 9am - 9pm
Both the Taramore clubhouse pool and the Twelve Oaks clubhouse pool open on Saturday May 24th and will remain open through Labor Day on Monday September 1st.  Please abide by all pool rules.  The pool is available for all Tara residents and homeowners in good standing.  Guests must be accompanied by a resident/homeowner.  Please do not allow access to anyone without an active keyfob.

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